Best Telecommuting Cities

Despite government support of telecommuting efforts to many it remains an unrealized dream; yet there are cities where it has gained a toe hold.

San Francisco tops Money magazines list of the best telecommunting cities. Besides having a high quality of life, it also has a 24 hour Kinko's copy center as do many larger cities. If San Francisco is too large consider Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, N.C. which is the number one mid-sized location for telecommuters, according to Money. Internet access is easy to establish thanks to the presence of Duke University, North Carolina State and the University of North Carolina. The area is central for over night delivery and currently enjoys a 2% employment rate. If you prefer a small-town, Manchester, N.H, is Money's best recommendation for telecommuting. Located an hour away from Boston, this town is also appealing because there is no sales or state income tax.

Corporate support of telecommunting is sparked by the U.S. government's interest in cutting costs. It is easier to get a job telecommunting if you have been working for the client for a while on site before going home to work. Last year the government sponsored a large convention in Washington supporting the concept of telecommuting and gave corporations the knowledge how to do and the hardware required before getting their feet wet. Currently there are several trade organizations devoted to promoting telecommunting activity. They are as follows: In addition there is a telecommuting newsletter which can be set to your desk top for a small fee each month. The name of the newsletter is the Telecommunications Digest which is developed and published in Gaithersburg, Md.

Money Magazine. 3/12/97